Hosting for Magento

We know how important are the hardware requirements for the proper performance of Magento.


Then, the election of the company that hosts our site is as important as the election  of the company to develop the site.


We have had good results using Crucial Hosting, and we're recommending this service to our customers to host sites with less than 10,000 SKU.


A short review of this service:


Crucial Web Hosting, a Magento Professional Partner, has two levels of hosting plans: Split-Shared and Split-Dedicated. The Split-Shared plan is perfect for a start site. While larger sites will want to go with the Split-Dedicated option.


- Support: The support team is available via email only (no phone support), however their support team is responsive and I consistently have gotten replies to my emails within 15 minutes.
- Pricing: The hosting plans start at $25/month.
- Up Time: I have used Crucial for a few clients and I have found their up time to be pretty good.
- Features: Crucial uses cPanel, so if you are familiar with cPanel you should feel right at home.