Developing ecommerce software is the base of our business. That is why we have honed our website development expertise in creating custom online stores in accordance with the strict requirements of our customers.

Using Orange Cat programming services, your business can benefit and grow revenue.


Install a Magento shopping cart.


Magento upgrades
For a smooth upgrade to a newer version of Magento, let us assist you.


Magento theme Design.
We provide integration of existing theme from PSD file and thirds party themes implementation services
to bring you exactly what you need to customize the look of your Magento Shopping Store.


Customization and configuration
If your business requires functionality beyond or different from that of the feature set of Magento, our team can fully tailor Magento to meet your specific business needs.


Develop Magento custom modules.
We provide magento customization services by creating magento custom modules to extend the functionality of magento framework. Our professional magento developers can perform Magento customization and offer creative services to shop owners worldwide.


Third Party Tools Integration
Third Party Tools Integration is always an important part of solutions, in order to increase functionality, scope and visibility of the system. We have a dedicated and expertise team for Magento development at Mxp.


Troubleshooting, optimization and performance tuning
For increased performance and quick problems resolution let us look your Magento implementation and server environment.


Magento consulting.
You can get our services to verify that your implementation follows industry best practices
We also can advise you on the best solution for your business.